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adveciaIf your in the market for a hair loss product, read the review of advecia and find out does it really work,  before you buy and find out if its right for you.

Hair loss affects nearly 40% of all men and women in their respective lifetimes. Some people start losing their hair later on in life, like after 40 0r 50, while others might lose it early, in their 30’s some even in their 20’s.

So what can you do help stop hair loss? Well first you have to understand why you lose hair.

A recent poll suggests that :

* 93% of men and women think about hair loss

* 88% of these persons feel frustrated and helpless about their condition

Any person who finds themselves in this situation should never let intimidation and helplessness keep them from taking steps to prevent future hair loss.

Instead, hair loss sufferers should address the cause through the approaches of modern medicine and nutritional supplementation.

How Does Hair Loss Occur?

There is a broad range of hair loss people suffer from, varying from thinning to baldness, this happens with both sexes. But how does hair disappear? Naturally hair can be pretty cyclical, while growing the hair passes through multiple stages:

Anagen – growing phase

Catagen – transition between anagen and follicle resting

Telogen – the phase when growing stops.

Thoughout the growth cycle, an individual loses between 60 and 150 hairs a daily. Baldness, referred to my medical professional as Alopecia, happens when this cycle is broken or has an abnormal transition.  As a result of baldness, hair grows to the telogen phase faster than it should. The individual, as a result, loses more hair at an faster rate.

Is It Possible To Slow Down Hair Loss?

Yes. The two most common ways are…

Conventional Treatments:

A doctor will usually diagnose your hair loss on the basis of physical examination and your medical history.

This entails evaluating what medications you are currently taking, dietary and nutritional status, and hairdressing/grooming habits. Blood tests and a biopsy of hair is used by specialists to determine the integrity of a given hair follicle.

This evaluation is used to establish the underlying cause of the hair thinning/balding, and to decide what treatment options will prove most effective. In addition, hair samples can also detect conditions within the scalp.

Alternative Treatments 

Both diet and nutritional supplementation can provide a positive influence on hair growth and hair health, as deficiencies of specific nutrients can actually promote a loss of hair.

There is no doubt that an adequate supplement programs is advantageous for hair health. The makers of Advecia tell us the product contains a synergistic blend that takes their nutritional application one step further, by including specific nutrients that are not easily obtained from dietary sources alone.

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So What Is Advecia And Does It Work?

Advecia is an all natural hair loss product consist of a blend of herbs,advecia_2x_newest_photos vitamins and minerals formulated to promote hair growth in both men and women. It is a nutritional supplement designed to help prevent hair loss at its onset and improve the health of the existing hair.

It is a nutritional supplement designed to help prevent hair loss at its onset and improve the health of the existing hair. The makers of this product make no promise of hair regrowth.

Unlike a lot of other natural hair loss treatments, this product is only available in capsule form.

The makers of this product make no promise of hair regrowth. Unlike a lot of other natural hair loss treatments, this product is only available in capsule form.

The reviews show customers find this product to be very easy convenient to use. The reason for this is like most other hair loss products, you don’t have to apply and rub, or spray it in the hair, because its in pill form, you only have to put it in your mouth and swallow.

Here are just a few of the ingredients in Advecia

Saw Palmetto Berries

Functions as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, making it useful in male pattern hair loss.

In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, 60% of men treated with a liposterolic extract of Saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol were rated as improved on the final visit.

Green Tea Extract

Extracts of green tea contain polyphenols which influence hair loss.

A specific component EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase.

In animal studies of spontaneous hair loss, green tea extract has demonstrated the ability to produce significant hair regrowth when compared to control.

Grape Seed Extract

Components found in grape seed extract may be useful in treating hair loss.

Toxicology studies in animals show that grape seed extract is a safe product, not affecting blood cells or producing adverse effects (6).

Reports have shown that Advecia has helped out many people with their hair thinning and hair loss issues. Their have been a numbers of customer who have used this product that have reported a positive experience.

From the reviews some users, the supplement helped out dramatically in their condition within 3 to 6 months.

Starting with slow hair loss, the majority of them experienced stronger and thicker hair over a period of time of continued use of Advecia. So visit the site Here and judge for yourself.

Advecia Side Effects

Are there any side effects when taking Advecia?

Just like any other nutritional supplement, there may be a small chance of a reaction. The company that produce Advecia, Progressive Health, tell us that they go to great lengths to try and point out any possible side effects on their web site.

But, it would be highly recommended that you speak with your GP if you have any pre existing illnesses, allergies or happen to be taking any other medication. This is to make sure that you will be OK to take this supplement and for it to be effective for you.

Progressive Health also report that based on the information they have from customer feedback and order history, they have never had any customer come back to them complaining of serious side effects from using it!