DHT Inhibitors Truth And Lies

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Before taking action to prevent balding it is advisable to determine the cause as there are many myths out there doing the rounds. It could be that DHT inhibitors are the answer you have been seeking all the time. And you could do a lot worse than talking to your hair professional or doctor about a suitable cure.
DHT inhibitors are often the most cost effective treatment for both female hair loss and male pattern baldness that is responsible for that well known horseshoe shaped loss of hair around the crown of the head and the troublesome receding hair line.

DHT is a hormonal by-product of testosterone which means it is a natural by-product that the body does not require. DHT inhibitors are therefore a safe way of preventing DHT from impeding the normal hair growth process. It works its miracle by stopping DHT in in tracks as it goes about shrinking and stopping the growth of hair follicles especially in that of men around the temples and crown of the head.

Both men and women have DHT hormones despite many people referring it to being a male hormone only. This means that both men and women suffer hair loss as a result of DHT and the over production of DHT has been found to be mainly hereditary. A fact that explains that only some people in the community suffer from hair loss.

It is particularly hard to prevent the effects of over production of a hormone such as DHT, if it is a hereditary trait, with the use of other medications when the simple and safe treatment is the prevention of DHT with a natural and appropriate inhibitor.

Not all hair loss treatments are DHT blockers, many others focus on cleaning hair follicles, the increase of scalp blood flow and the addressing of clogging issues. There are many and varied causes of hair loss but the use of DHT blockers is the safest way to go if there is any sign of hereditary factors being involved.

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