Do DHT Shampoos Really Work?

There are four main approaches to treating hair loss. Some treatments are designed to prevent hair loss and thinning and some focus on hair regrowth. Science and medicine has proven that DHT is the major cause of hair loss and male pattern baldness. DHT is metabolite and is associated with a hormone called testosterone.

Testosterone is found in the :

Prostate Gland
Adrenal Glands
Hair Follicles

DHT plays an important role in body hair and facial hair growth and more importantly it is proven that an imbalance of dht causes hair loss. Good hair loss treatments aim to prevent follicular damage from DHT and some prevent production altogether. A popular method of controlling hair loss is to embrace antiandrogens, which aim to cease DHT from binding with you androgen receptors. The other popular approach is using DHT Blockers . The purpose of dht inhibitors is to control the production of dht while reestablishing a healthy balance between natural shedding and regrowth of the phases of hair growth.

There are alot of dht blocking products on the market today. The can come in different forms :

DHT Shampoos
A popular dht shampoo is Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo.

T-Gel shampoo is more commonly associated with treating Dandruff and psoriasis. It’s is effective as a mild dht blocker which would be suitable in the very early days of thinning but may not be strong enough to be effective.

Revivogen DHT Shampoo

Revivogen is certainly more effective as a dht blocking shampoo than T-Gel. It is made from natural ingredients so it is not as tough on the hair and scalp. Revivogen may be enough to get hair back to original strength but only in the very early stages.

DHT Shampoos should be used with focused DHT Inhibitors

Even though dht shampoos can be effective the problem is that many factors can effect the long term results of dht shampoos. Mainly the fact that the shampoo is not really ihibiting the dht can cause the problem to continue quickly after not using shampoo. You really do need to was your hair each day and becareful to not expose to elements, like rain and wind for about an hour to ensure that the shampoo gets to soak properly in and is’nt neutralized in any way.

The ideal solution is a combination of dht shampoo and a truly effective dht blocker tabular form like Provillus . If you are going for a dht shampoo, I would recommend the milder yet more effective Revivogen. Of course there are some simple dietary tips you can avail of too to make the treatment even more effective in a quicker time. Check out my offer on the home page for “hair loss dietary information and maximizing your results”.