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Beginning to lose hair doesn’t have to mean you will go bald. Male pattern baldness may be something that concerns you, but learning how to control the hair loss, and possibly end it or avoid it completely, may be the key to maintaining healthy hair. One way to do this is to use a DHT supplement. Before you choose a DHT supplement, there are some things you will want to know:

What is the active ingredient? It’s important that the main ingredient be a natural DHT blocker. Most DHT supplements use an ingredient called Saw Palmetto Extract, which comes from a fruit called Serenoa repens. Saw Palmetto naturally blocks DHT. Another ingredient you might find in a DHT supplement is Nettle Root, another natural DHT blocker. The reason it’s important to block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is because it’s the male hormone responsible for the hair loss in male pattern baldness.
Are there only all natural ingredients? If it’s a supplement, it should only contain natural ingredients, not synthetics or medicine.
Are there any side effects? DHT supplements that are all natural should have no known side effects. Medications however, have a list of possible side effects that include sexual side effects and allergic reactions.
Is there a money back guarantee? You will want to make sure there is a satisfaction guarantee, so if the product doesn’t do what it claims it will do, and you have followed directions, you can get your money back.
Is it compatible with other DHT supplements or medications? Many supplements are able to be used together. You will want to make sure it’s safe to do before you try it.
Are there any possible medication interactions you should be aware of?

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