Saw Palmetto DHT Blocker

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The popularity of virtually all herbal supplements has increased dramatically in the past few years, and Saw Palmetto DHT blocker is certainly one of the more popular herbal remedies currently being marketed.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is commonly associated with prostate problems and hair loss in male subjects, and Saw Palmetto is perhaps the best non-prescription remedy for those issues currently available. Further, there are few (if any) known side effects when using the substance.

In many European nations, Saw Palmetto DHT blocker is the most common substance used to relieve benign prostate enlargement. Since most men experience at least some prostate enlargement with age, the market for the product is, as one might expect, also growing.

As an enlarged prostate can cause urinary tract issues as well as reproductive problems, the remedy is sought out by many men. In addition, the cost of Saw Palmetto is low when compared to the most common prescription drugs. This is no small matter to the portion of our population that either has no health insurance or is under-insured.

One of the other common afflictions experienced by a large percentage of the male population is male pattern baldness. This condition is also believed to be associated with DHT, and the use of Saw Palmetto DHT blocker is commonly credited with reducing the effects of male pattern baldness.

However, there is no substance (including Saw Palmetto) that is known to totally eliminate this condition, and results will vary from one person to another. Most of the substances marketed as hair loss solutions do just what Saw Palmetto does – block the formation or absorption of DHT in the body.

There are also many people who simply do not have the ability (or desire) to visit medical professionals on a regular basis, and seek to self-medicate their problems. This can be an issue, as an enlarged prostrate can also be a symptom of cancer, and should not be ignored.

There is some concern in the medical profession that the use of Saw Palmetto DHT blocker can mask the existence of cancer. Seeking medical advice is always recommended before taking any substance that can mask underlying medical problems, but the use of Saw Palmetto DHT blocker can often mean a more comfortable life for individuals using the herb on a regular basis.